Ahhh. The washing machine. What did people do without it? But, there’s a bunch of stuff most folks don’t even know it can be used for.

1. Mats And Rugs

It’s alright to throw mats and small rugs in the wash, but you might need to add a few bath towels for balance. Use cold water and a gentle cycle. Air dry anything with a rubber backing.

2. Stuffed Animals

When your little one’s lovie is looking rough around the edges, throw it in a pillowcase and wash it along with other like-colored items.

3. Pillows

1-2 at a time with warm water and a gentle cycle. Dry with rubber dryer balls at a low heat to keep things fluffy.

4. Tennis Shoes

The laces can stay on, but the insoles need to come out. Stick the shoes in a pillowcase and wash on cold with some towels to keep the noise down. Air dry.

5. Mop Heads

Removable mop heads usually come with a label that lets you know if they can go in the washing machine. If not, put your mop in a bucket of hot water with bleach or vinegar and let soak for 10 minutes.

6. Shower Liners

You don’t need to toss it—go ahead and wash it. Wash on cold and a delicate cycle.

7. Small Toys

Any waterproof toy is washing-machine-ready as long as it’s put inside a washable bag. Set the temp on hot—unless they’re Legos, which need cool water. Air dry.

8. Baseball Hats

Spray with stain remover and let sit for five minutes. Wash on a short cycle with cold water. Air dry.

9. Pet Beds

Remove the inner foam portion and hand wash. The outer portion can be machine washed by itself, or with other pet laundry.

10. Sports Gear

Fabric-lined sports gear such as kneepads, elbow pads and shin guards can be placed in the wash inside laundry bags on a regular, warm cycle. Air dry.

Now you know ten money-saving secrets to keeping your things fresh by throwing them in your weekly wash.

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10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Wash In A Washing Machine

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