Home, home with a range. Everything you need to know to upgrade your cooking game with one appliance.

Is a Range Right for You?

Also known as a stove, a range is the workhorse of the kitchen, combining an oven and cooktop. This is the most popular option for folks that want to keep their kitchen design simple and cut down on cost. But don’t be fooled, ranges are no one-trick pony, they come in a wide variety of stylish colors and finishes with all kinds of bells and whistles available.


USING THE RIGHT COOKWARE WITH YOUR NEW RANGE will turn you into an A+ Chef. Tight fitting lids and pans with a thick, flat bottom are essential to good cooking.


From space saving 20″ wide models to professional grade 48″ ranges, there is a size and an installation perfect for your dream kitchen.

Freestanding Range

Can fit anywhere in your kitchen and does not require cabinetry work. With finished panels on all sides, these ovens have a finished look from any angle.
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Slide-in Range

Sits flush with the countertop for a more built-in look. The sides and back are unfinished and designed to slide in between two cabinets.
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Drop-in Range

Similar to a slide-in range, but they require the custom design of your cabinets to snugly house the stove, providing a beautiful built-in look
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Double Oven Range

Feature two ovens that can be set at different temperatures. The entertainer's dream come true.
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"FIT" DOESN'T JUST MEAN SPACE. Take into account all of your cooking needs before you buy and don't be dazzled by extra features you might not need.


The reality is you may be buying your range based on the fuel source you already have, but there are differences you may want to consider.


Prized by chefs for their higher heat and precise control, gas is also typically less expensive to use. Gas ranges can have either open burners, which are more efficient, or sealed burners that are easier to clean.


Due to its consistent temperature, electric ovens are ideal for baking. One major perk to an electric range is the option of glass or ceramic cooktop. Its smooth surface makes cleaning a breeze.


Get the best of both worlds with the power and control of a gas cooktop and the consistency of an electric oven.


YOUR RANGE NEEDS VENTILATION. One rule of thumb is the width of the hood should be as wide as your range.


Let your inner Bobby Flay come out to play with a variety of fun features and upgrades.

Self-Cleaning Oven

If you’ve ever cleaned an oven yourself, then you probably already know adding this feature is totally worth it.

Burner Styles

With options like state-of-the-art induction burners, ultra-low warm-and-hold burners or a “bridge” burner that creates a large casserole-size heating surface, you can mix and match to create your perfect cooktop.

Temperature Probe

Reads the internal cooking temperature so you know exactly when something is done.

Delayed Time/Start

Set your oven to start and stop, hello preheated oven when you arrive home from work.

Speed Oven

Imagine the speed of a microwave combined with the conventional oven results.

Steam Oven

Say goodbye to continual basting and the fear of dry meals. This feature injects steam into the oven at the perfect times.

Warming Drawer

Home cooks know, timing is everything. With a warming drawer, all the components of your meal will come out together at the perfect temperature.

WI-FI Connectivity

Like a remote control for your range. No more turning around and driving back home because you can’t remember if you turned off the stove.


TODAY'S GLASS AND CERAMIC COOKTOPS ARE MUCH MORE DURABLE than they used to be. Don't shy away from this sleek feature for fear of scratches.

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Kitchen Range Overview & Top Tips

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