Bake It Off Like A Professional With A New Wall Oven.

Why Wall Ovens?

If you feel like you practically live in the kitchen, you may be interested in adding a wall oven to your cooking arsenal. Why? Because you can buy a double oven unit. Imagine cooking two full oven meals simultaneously, with completely different temperatures and cook times. Even if you already have a range you’re happy with, adding a single wall oven will turn you into a meal prep master. Or, consider a microwave/wall oven combo to give you even more options.


ONCE IT'S INSTALLED, YOU CAN ENJOY A LOT LESS BENDING OVER and reaching compared to a typical range oven.

So. Many. Options.

When it comes to wall ovens, sizes and features are not in short supply. The first question is: what kind of heating source will you use?

Heat Source


Gas wall ovens typically have fewer options, but may have a lower operating cost depending on the price of natural gas.


Electric wall ovens have more models available across a wider price range. Bakers praise electric ovens for their ability to keep a more consistent temperature than their gas counterparts.

Additional Choices You'll Want To Consider Include:


This is all about your kitchen space. Wall ovens typically come in 24-, 27- or 30-inch varieties. In addition to single/double oven setups, you can also get one-and-a-half oven units where the “half” oven provides small-scale warming and light grilling.

Convection Technology

Using an internal fan to circulate hot air throughout the oven ensures more even cooking and lower cook times. This is especially helpful when the holidays roll around and you’re cooking turkey or brisket.

Convenience Features

Whether it’s the “Warm and Hold” function that ensures you’ll have a hot meal waiting when you come home, or the “Fast Steam Cleaning” mode that eliminates the need for scrubbing or toxic fumes, there are so many helpful add-ons that make the kitchen more fun.


THINK ABOUT HOW YOU LIKE TO COOK. If holiday dinners and entertaining are your specialty, a double oven will be a welcome addition. If you love new recipes and crave variety, you could combine a single oven with fun extras like a fryer or an Instant Pot®.

Dreaming About Churning Out Casseroles For All Your Neighbours And Hosting Every Holiday?
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Wall Oven Overview & Top Tips

Why wall ovens are all the new kitchen craze, what size and features are available, and what features wall ovens may include are questions that are all answered in the “Cooking Essentials: Wall Oven Overview & Top Tips” guide. Sears Hometown Stores not only offers some of the best gas and electric wall ovens around but can teach you all you need to know about choosing the right wall oven for your home.

The wall oven guide will help you understand the difference between gas and electric wall ovens, the variety of different wall oven available, and the features you should look out for. Read about incredible wall oven features available at Sears Hometown Stores, including internal convection technology, added capacity, and fast steam cleaning capabilities.

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