This year commit to enjoying the holiday season more and stressing less! Nothing dampens the holiday spirit like a hostess running around like a turkey with her head cut off. The solution? Get ahead of the game by breaking down the tasks that need to get done and preparing well in advance of the big day. With a little planning and our holiday checklist by your side, you can have your pumpkin pie and enjoy it, too!

3 Weeks Until Thanksgiving

It's Time For A Deep Clean

Clear out your refrigerator and freezer. Clean your stove top thoroughly and don’t forget the oven. If you have a self-cleaning oven this will be a breeze.

Plan Your Thanksgiving Menu

First focus on the star of the show, the turkey. Do you plan to roast, fry or smoke it? For a perfectly cooked turkey that’s crispy on the outside and juicy inside, cooking appliances featuring a temperature probe produce perfect doneness every time by automatically turning off once your turkey reaches precisely the right interior temperature. Or, free up your oven space and use a smoker or a fryer instead.


Involve friends and family in planning and preparing; write down who is bringing what.

2 Weeks Until Thanksgiving

First Grocery Run

Make a detailed list of everything you need. Shop for the non-perishable items first.

Take Inventory

Gather serving dishes and assign each to a menu item with a Post-It note. Pull out your dishes and glassware and plan your table décor. Wash and press your table linens and napkins.


Stock up on foil casserole dishes so guests can take home leftovers and you can keep track of your dishes.

1 Weeks Until Thanksgiving

Calculate Space & Time

Make as much room in your refrigerator and freezer as possible — large capacity refrigerators with adjustable shelves are so helpful during the holidays. When do you need to start thawing the turkey? What’s the timing of all the other dishes? Calculate it now, and there’s no need to worry on Turkey Day.

Big Clean

Now is the time to clean your home and knock out the yard work. A leaf blower is great for putting finishing touches on your yard and walkways.


Confirm when guests plan to arrive. Double check who needs refrigerator space, oven time or serving platters.

1-2 Days Before Thanksgiving

Prep Time

Dice, chop, and prep all of the ingredients for your recipes. Prepare all the soups, desserts and side dishes and store in airtight containers. If you’re brining your turkey, put the bird in the brine and keep chilled in the refrigerator.

Tidy Up

Do some final light housekeeping, focusing on the guest bathroom, kitchen, living room and dining room.

Finishing Touches

Set the dining table, fill the salt and pepper shakers and create your centerpiece. Now is the perfect time to pick up some fresh flowers


Conversation starter cards can be a fun addition to your table. Just steer away from politics for a truly stress-free meal.

Thanksgiving Day

It's Show Time

First things first, get that turkey started. Prepare gravy and any other items that couldn’t be pre-made. Microwave ovens with a convection cooking feature come in handy when your oven is overloaded. Warm already prepared side dishes and keep warm while you heat up other dishes—this is when a warming drawer really shines. Don’t forget to put ice and a pitcher of filtered water out. A refrigerator with a filtered water feature makes refills easy.

Now, sit back and relax.


When someone asks if they can help with anything, be ready with an answer! From pouring drinks to answering the door or keeping an eye on the kids, put those guests to work.

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