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Kitchen Crave: What You Want For Your Kitchen Now

Back in the day, the kitchen was a place to be used and not seen, where food was cooked and dishes were stored. Now that that dynamic has been flipped on its head, the kitchen has become the home’s centerpiece and the hub that daily life revolves around. This shift favors simple and sleek designs with an emphasis on open space and advances in kitchen tech.


UPDATING YOUR CABINET COLORS ARE A QUICK AND EASY WAY TO UPGRADE YOUR KITCHEN. White, gray and dark colored cabinets offer a modern, clean look.

Smart Choices

Smart kitchens used to be a sci-fi pipe dream, but are now in full-swing. We’re not just talking about fancy appliances here—we’re talking about tech fully integrated into almost every kitchen function, from faucets to cooking to refrigeration.


Having a fridge that does more than just open, close and stay cold is definitely a thing now! Here’s just a taste of what they can do:

Diagnose Problems

Finding someone to repair your fridge can be a real pain, and a lot of your food can wind up ruined before you even realize something’s wrong. LG® SmartDiagnosis™ and Kenmore Elite® Smart App can connect you with tech support so you can get it fixed quickly.

Track Expiration Dates

LG’s SmartThinQ® app will give you a poke when your eggs are going bad or your leftover milk should be dumped.

Be Your Shopping Assistant

We all go to the store and forget what the heck we need to buy, right? Now you can use your phone to sync with SmartThinQ® to see if you already bought yogurt yesterday or if you need more lettuce for the week.

Bring It All to Your Fingertips

SmartThinQ® allows you to control temp and other fridge functions from your phone, even when you’re not home. The fridge doors come with touchscreens that can be used to build a shopping list or access other info. LG also has doors you can see through! Just knock twice and the Instaview™ Door-in-Door® glass panels let you look inside without letting out the cold air.

Talk to You

Why swipe when you can talk? SmartThinQ® can interface with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.


You know when you go to the movie theatre, airport or hotel and they have those cool, magic faucets that turn on all by themselves? Well, now you can have one (or more) of these easy add-ons in your very own kitchen.


Thanks to brands like GE®, there are a lot of cool tricks available for creating tasty dishes at home, such as:

Sous Vide

For aspiring chefs, sous vide is a pro-level of cooking that’s tricky to pull off. Well, pine for fine dining no more. There are now Bluetooth-enabled sous vide accessories available that talk to your cooktop, keeping the temp exactly where it needs to be while you attend to other things.


GE’s ChefConnect™ tech enables the Profile Series range to connect with your microwave so you can sync clocks as well as turn on lights and vents.

Touch and Swipe Controls

Induction cooktops are very popular at the moment because they’re fast warming with great simmering control. Now you can get touch and swipe controls for your smart phone! All you have to do is drag your finger to the temps you need for each burner.

Smart Choices

Smart kitchens used to be a sci-fi pipe dream, but are now in full-swing. We’re not just talking about fancy appliances here—we’re talking about tech fully integrated into almost every kitchen function, from faucets to cooking to refrigeration.

Black is the New Stainless

Black stainless steel has risen to the top of the pop charts, the vanguard of interior design. It’s durable and resistant to fingerprints, which means less smudging. It’s also versatile and looks great alongside your other gadgets if you’re not looking to replace everything. Black stainless is also understated enough to slide in nicely with old fashioned homes, as well as more modern ones.

Go with Gray-toned

Another hot ticket is gray-toned with a dark brushed metal finish. This is a nice departure from traditional all-white appliances.

Try New Tiling

For wall tiling, try a beveled, sculpted or stacked backsplash. Natural stone tiles are nice as well.

Open Up Your Shelving

You can use metal tubing for an industrial feel or rough-cut wood for a natural look.

Savvy Solutions

When it comes to moving around or storing your stuff, you might not have much space to spare. But that doesn’t mean you can’t give your kitchen some stylish extras that are practical, too.

3-Rack Dishwashers

Dishwashers with a third rack are getting more affordable with a sliding tray located at the top that creates more usable space. It’s a bonus because it not only holds your silverware, but is a great place for coffee cup lids and other cooking utensils. Plus, you can find models with deeper trays.

French Door Wall Ovens

Ooh la la! If you’re limited on walking space, French door wall ovens are a great option. They’re nice to look at and they’re available with Bluetooth for remote control from your phone. Remote access is a super handy feature. Especially if you’ve ever had to return home to turn the oven off!

An Island Unto Yourself

The kitchen island has become a home’s main ingredient, offering practical convenience and ease along with an appealing aesthetic. The latest designs are multi-functional with room for sitting and serving food or drinks, as well as added space for storage or even under-the-counter appliances such as microwaves or wine coolers. If your home has a more open design, islands can even extend into the living room, offering convenience while leaving more kitchen space.

Storage Solutions

Have a hard time storing or finding items in your kitchen cabinets? Make life easier and cooking more fun by using any or all of the following:
Roll-out Trays/Caddies (for Pots and Pans)
Deep Drawers
Spice Pull-outs
Appliance Garages
Drawer Dividers (for Utensils and Cutlery)
Wastebasket Cabinets for Garbage and Recyclables
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Trends In Kitchen Design

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