The world has changed quite a bit since the invention of the electric refrigerator in the early 20th century (and before that, our ancestors used iceboxes and snow pits to preserve food). Fast forward to the modern day smart fridge, and it’s hard to believe how far we’ve come. Nowadays, refrigerators can create grocery lists or notify you when you left the door open by accident. And these aren’t just ideas from an episode of The Jetsons—it’s real life. But is a smart fridge worth buying?

Is a Smart Fridge Worth it?

It really depends on you and your family’s needs. Smart fridges are connected to the cloud, allowing you access to your refrigerator straight from your smartphone. Most households are operating just fine without the smart features, but it can be nice to have.

What Does a Smart Fridge Do?

The majority of smart fridges include useful features like sending you notifications when you’re running low on ice or if your fridge door was left open. And if you’re the particularly forgetful type, some smart fridges come with internal cameras that give you remote access from your smartphone. You can imagine how this feature comes in handy when you’re at the grocery store and can’t recall which items you need to pick up. Some of the higher-end features that may be included are voice technology, built-in Keurig machine, play music, watch TV, find recipes, leave digital notes and view a family calendar from a touch screen.

Which Brands Make Smart Fridges?

As of right now, the only manufacturers that make smart refrigerators are Samsung, General Electric, LG and Kenmore.

How Much Does a Smart Fridge Cost Compared to a Regular Fridge?

While smart refrigerators began with hefty price tags upon their debut, the prices have significantly fallen over the last few years as more brands are available. With several models in the market, prices vary depending on which features you choose. Some smart fridges are only a couple hundred bucks more than a regular fridge, while others can be thousands of dollars more.

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