What’s cooking? Risotto, a vegetable sauté and a sizzling steak. All at once. If you have a COOKTOP that is.

Why Consider A Cooktop?

With sleek, space saving solutions, cooktops are hot in kitchen design because they allow for so many placement options. Front and center on a kitchen island or tucked away by a window, wherever you install your cooktop you’ll enjoy ample storage space underneath for all your pots and pans. Most built-in cooktops come in 30 inches or 36 inches and when you combine with a separate wall oven, you have a perfect alternative to your standard all-in-one range.


COOKTOPS ARE GOOD FOR FAMILIES WITH LITTLE KIDS as the controls are located on top unlike ranges, which have easy-to-grab knobs in the front.

You’ve Got Options

Cooktops come in a variety of configurations, which is part of the appeal. But, if 8-burner induction and Dual Element Burner electric sound like Greek to you, let us break it down.

Heat Source


A gas cooktop allows for more precise and immediate control of temperature and heats up quickly. For many foodies, it is the preferred way to cook.
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Electric Cooktop​

These cooktops are available as a coil element or a smooth surface. While a coil option is traditionally less expensive, smooth tops are easier to clean and have a sleek and stylish look.
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Electric Induction Cooktop​​

A new and exciting option; they are very responsive and heat up quickly. One of the biggest benefits is that the surface does not get hot, making it just about impossible to burn yourself.
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YOU’LL NEED COMPATIBLE COOKWARE to go along with an Electric Induction cooktop. If a magnet can stick to the bottom, it can be used with an induction cooktop.

Features for Days

Power Burner and Simmer Burner

These burners do exactly what you’d imagine. Boil water faster than ever and say goodbye to sauces that scorch.

Multiple Element/Dual Element Burner

Multiple heat elements in a single burner make them adaptable to different sized cookware.

Open vs. Closed Burners

A gas cooktop can have either open burners and direct heat, or closed burners and indirect heat. Closed burners make it easier to clean up spills.

Bridge Element

The bridge element connects to a separate burner, so you can create an extra-large burner when you need it. Hello, big batch meals.

Hot Surface Indicator

Keep burns at bay with a reminder light that lets you know the surface is still hot.

Sealed Downdraft

Ventilates cooking area by capturing and filtering out smoke and odor.


GAS IS MEASURED IN BTU, AND ELECTRIC IN WATTS. Most gas cooktops range between 5–15,000 BTUs, while electric burners range from 1–2,500 watts. The higher the measurement, the hotter it’ll get.​

Love Your Cooktop for Life

Just like anything in your home, you’ll want to protect your investment. Here are some tips on keeping your cooktop looking shiny and working like new longer.

Smooth Surface Spills

Avoid stains – when you make a mess, wipe it up ASAP with hot, sudsy water. Make sure you get sugary spills while they’re still warm.

Clean Clogs

Gas burners are most efficient when the ports are cleaned per manufacturer instructions.

Glass Cooktop TLC

Avoid sliding cookware and don’t store jars or cans in the cabinets above that could easily fall out. Avoiding scratches and cracks is key!

Wipe Up the Gunk

Uncleaned, blackened burners suck up more heat and reduce efficiency. Keep them clean and mean.


TRADE IN PLASTIC COOKING UTENSILS FOR METAL OR WOOD. Plastic can melt onto a smooth top's surface, leading to potentially serious pitting.

If you’d like to learn even more about cooktops, read our buying guide. Ready to shop cooktops? We have unbeatable prices on the best brands available.

Cooktop Overview & Top Tips

If you’ve wondered whether or not you should consider getting a new cooktop, what cooktop options are available, or what features an induction cooktop or a cooktop bridge element include, then you’ve come to the right place. In addition to offering some of the best quality cooktops in the market, Sears Hometown Stores can teach you all you need to know about choosing the right cooktop for your home.

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