1. Pitting Cherries

Perfect for pies, cheese plates, garnishes & more.

YOU’LL NEED: A glass or plastic soda bottle, a chopstick
Place cherry on top of an open soda bottle
Insert chopstick down through the center
Out pops the pit!

2. De-Stem Strawberries

Delicious muddled in drinks or tossed in a fruit salad.

YOU’LL NEED: A straw
Push straw through the berry’s bottom
Stem will pop out clean!

3. Tear-Free Chopped Onions

Try these tricks for tearless prep.

Chew gum
Submerge the onion in cold
water first
Turn on a fan
Light a candle

4. Elegant Ice Cubes

Liven up everything from mixed drinks to water.

A muffin pan (silicone or tin), chopped citrus fruit, mint or cucumber
Place your favorite combo of fruit and herbs in the pan
Pour in some boiled-then-cooled water
Freeze then serve

5. Peel Hardboiled Eggs

Try them deviled, diced or sliced.

After boiling, angle the lid inside the pot and drain the water out into the sink using the lid to keep the eggs inside
Refill the pan halfway with cold water
Put on the lid, hold firm and shake it up
Remove the lid and find the eggs already halfway-peeled
Slide off the remaining shells with your thumbs

Bonus Round:

Stop boil over
by placing a wooden spoon across the pot.
Dry fresh herbs fast
using the microwave.
Defrost meat 30% faster
by placing on an aluminum tray.
Spray measuring cups with nonstick cooking spray
when working with sticky ingredients like honey or peanut butter.
Get 20% more juice from your lemons
when you microwave them for 20 seconds each.
Use an ice cream scoop
to craft the perfect meatball and keep your hands clean.
Prevent spoiling
by storing your onions and potatoes separately.

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