A good night’s sleep starts with the right mattress and you need your beauty rest for great days ahead! Find a mattress that fits you by considering your sleep style. Are you a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper? Do you have pets, kids or a spouse sharing your mattress? How big is your bedroom? Take these things into consideration before you purchase.


Lie down! It’s the tried and true technique to get a good feel of a new mattress. If possible, spend 5-10 minutes trying out your favorite sleep positions before you buy.

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Which Mattress Size Is Right For You?

Finding the right size mattress is all about comfort. A few things to think
The longest mattress on the market—4” longer than a King, but 4” narrower
Ideal for tall people (over 6’)
Plenty of space for pets or young children to share
The widest mattress on the market—16” wider than a Queen
Generous space for couples
Plenty of space for pets or young children to share
The most popular mattress size
Provides more space than a Full, and fits in most bedrooms
Comfortably spacious for couples
Much bigger than a Twin, but smaller than a Queen
Ideal for solo sleepers
Can accommodate a couple, so it’s a good choice for a guest room
Sized for a solo sleeper Often a first “big bed” for children when they outgrow a crib Great for guest rooms with limited space


Replace your mattress every 7-10 years to ensure adequate support and sleeping comfort.

Which Mattress Type Is Best For You?

The way a mattress is made determines how it sleeps. Traditional innerspring mattresses are made with springs (also called “coils”) inside, which provide the softness or firmness for comfortable sleeping. Today, there are also memory foam and hybrid options available, giving you choices in how you sleep.
Made with springs (or coils) inside
Springs are either tied together or individually wrapped
The more coils, the more the mattress conforms to your body
The gauge and shape of the springs determines how firm the mattress is
Made from slow-response foam that conforms to your body
Doesn’t cause pressure to the body
Great for couples because you can’t feel your partner move or shift—no bounce
Because the foam construction relieves pressure, it may help neck, back or shoulder pain
Combines innersprings with layers of memory foam on top
Gives you the body-conforming coziness of foam with the traditional bounciness of springs
Offers the pressure-relief benefits of memory foam
Offers the best of both worlds

Comfort Counts -
How To Choose The Ideal Firmness And Support

The firmer the mattress, the less you’ll feel like you’re sinking into the bed. The firmness is determined by the upper layers of the mattress. Support is determined by the lower layers of the mattress. Typically, innerspring mattresses are firmer because they’re made with coils or springs. Memory foam mattresses may be soft or firm, depending on the construction of the foam. Hybrid mattresses offer the benefits of coils and foam. Larger people may prefer the support of a firmer mattress, while smaller people may be comfortable on a softer mattress. The choice comes down to personal preference.


How do you sleep? Side sleepers often prefer a softer mattress, while stomach sleepers typically opt for firmer styles. Back sleepers can usually sleep comfortably on soft, medium or firm beds.






Top Picks - Choosing The Type Of Mattress Top

Every mattress has a top layer that’s usually quilted or tufted for appearance and comfort. Depending on your sleeping style, you may want the plushness of a Pillow Top or Euro Top or the firmer feel of a Tight Top. There are also Specialty Tops to suit your unique comfort needs.

Sewn onto the top of the mattress
Less plush, so it provides a firmer feel
Helps support the body

A separate layer of cushioning, resembling a pillow, that’s sewn to the top of the mattress
Provides cushioning for softness
Still offers support, but with plushness
Similar to a Pillow Top, but rather than a pillow-like design, the edges are flush with the mattress edges
Provides plush cushioning for softness
Still offers support, but with plushness
Other top layers designed to add customized comfort to mattresses

Finish Your Dream Bed From The Bottom Up - Box Springs And Bed Frames

Complete your new bed with a quality box spring and bed frame. If seeking customized support, an adjustable base may be best for you.


Customize your comfort. Adjustable bases help relieve snoring, acid reflux, sleep apnea, lower back pressure and improve circulation.

Help distribute the weight of a mattress for added support and comfort
Available in all mattress sizes
Raises a mattress and box spring off the floor
Come in metal or wood styles to enhance your bedroom décor
Customized support
Adjustable bed frames can relieve a variety of sleeping issues by raising your head or elevating your feet so you and your partner can sleep more soundly
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