Fitting a Cooktop into Your Kitchen’s Design
Measure the space available for your new cooktop. Height, width and depth are crucial in deciding which unit is right for you. The cut-out is the primary dimension that is needed when selecting the correct model.

Cooktop Dimensions
• Range of Widths: Cooktops are available in widths between 15″ – 48″
• Range of Height: Cooktops are available in heights between 2″ – 19.6″
• Range of Depths: Cooktops are available in depths between 21″ – 22.25″

Cooktop Types: Gas vs. Electric

Select the type of cooktop you would prefer. Cooktops are defined by the whether they use Gas or Electric to heat the elements.

Gas Cooktops
Gas Cooktops use natural gas to heat the elements.

• Pros: A gas cooktop gets you an instant, constant flame that you can adjust visually and is therefore more intuitive. Flames cook food more quickly and have more even temperature control. The cost of setup and of using gas is less if your home already uses natural gas.
• Points to Consider: The cost of the cooktop is higher than that of an electric stove. Consider the cost involved to hook up a gas unit if you do not already have a gas line going to the kitchen. Keep in mind the potential for hazard if the burner does not ignite and gas is released into the air.

Electric Cooktops
Electric Cooktops use a 220 power outlet to supply power to the heating elements.

• Pros: An electric cooktop is sleek, made of glass and is therefore easy to wipe clean of most spills. There is no need to remove a burner ring or wipe around grates and gas nozzle and is also easy to operate and less expensive to purchase and install. Electric cooktops provide a table work surface for pots and pans and even distribution of heat around the pan.
• Points to Consider: With an electric cooktop, there is no steady temperature control (pulsing power) of the cooktop and food cooks more slowly than in gas ranges. Keep in mind that an electric cooktop is inoperable during power outages.

Extra Features for Your Cooktop
Select the features that you need in your Cooktop. Cooktops have become quite innovative and many different features are available for each format.

Cooking Surface:
• Gas:
– Standard Open Burners – Require drip trays to catch spills
– Sealed Burners – The cooktop extends up to the burner so that spills cannot drip down the open space beneath the burner. Btu is slightly lower with sealed burners.
• Electric:
– Coil – Basic electric cooktop, takes time to heat up, may be difficult to clean.
– Radiant Glass Surface – Coils are housed under the surface of the smooth glass top. This radiates the heat up to your pot or pan. Any material of cookware (glass, copper-bottom, etc.) work fine.
– Induction Glass Surface – Compared to coil, induction surface adjusts heat instantly. Due to electromagnetic energy, heat is transferred directly to the cookware, while the surface of the smooth top stays cool to the touch. Plus, the glass surface is easy to clean. This is the most energy efficient cooktop. However, induction cookware is required for heating to take place.

Number of elements/burners:
• 4 burners – Standard
• 5 burners – Designed to give you extra space and flexibility to cook more at once.

Downdraft ventilation : The option of having downdraft ventilation integrated with the product to pull heat and odors down and away from you cooktop. No need for an additional over the range microwave with ventilation or range hood.

Knob Control:
• Side (Right/Left) – Standard on many freestanding ranges. There is the option for integrated backsplash for the controls.
• Front – Some freestanding ranges and all slide-in and drop-ins have the controls on the front. This allows for a sleek design without a necessary backsplash.

ADA compliant : The Americans with Disabilities Act ensures that certain models are accessible for people with disabilities.

Installable Over Oven : Helpful if you still want the oven and cooktop set together but with more customization.

Energy Star Compliant : Reduces use of energy, with the added benefit of lowering your utility bill.

Oven Brands
Select from the many oven brands we have to offer. Each brand offers many of the different features above.

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